Excerpt from the introduction By Edith Springer.

As I read through the stories in the Book of Death I am struck by the fact that I am a member of the Junkie Community and I understand everything the contributors are feeling. I don’t think outsiders can understand to the fullest, but we do. There is a noir feeling to being a junkie. In me, it’s a ball of pain in my chest that has always been there and probably will always be there. It’s less evident sometimes, when life has good moments or work captures all my energy, but given an unstructured time period, it reminds me that it’s still there. It gets triggered by loss, by disappointment, by death. Sometimes it sneaks up into happy moments to remind me of the yin yang.
Where is the positive in all these stories? The positive is in the telling and the listening. We may be a long way from making things better, but this is the start. We come out of our closets and we let the healing light in. Read these stories; let the light in. Talk about them. Let more light in.
Edith Springer
Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York
October 5, 1997.